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6:42 am & The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal. #365projects #365sunrisesx2 #sunrise #pensacolabeach #day311

Love your work, where are your morning sunrise shots from? I'm assuming pensacola beach , will there be more of Ashley ?
- Anonymous

a lot are from the beach, yes. some are from my job which is also on the beach. just a different perspective. some are from my home. hotel moon. ashley… she’s yet to respond so i will assume no. not likely. unless she reads this & remembers to get back to me.

You have a couple of older pics where it's obscured but your model is very clearly sucking cock. Is it your cock they're sucking?
- Anonymous

no. there are no models sucking any cock in any of my photos. yet.

6:41 & the grey day sub with the always lovely and always reticent @undisclosedrecipient. #better?

7:37 am & that’s no god it’s just a burning bush. #365projects #365sunrisesx2 #sunrise #hotelmoon #day307

#fbf #flashbackfriday & new beginnings with @lolaohmyword

#fbf #flashbackfriday & the talented @cydneybergdorf before the chop.

parading in a wake of sad relations as their shoes fill up with water. #365projects #365sunrisesx2 #sunrise #pensacolabeach #day303

6:31 am & yesterday was a blast despite the finger incident & the poached eggs.

More of Taylor?
- Anonymous

her dad (actual father. not daddy.) asked me kinda politely to take them down while in the same breath insulting his own daughter by telling me the photos were disgusting.

Would u be interested in having sex w another girl after a photo shoot?
- Anonymous

I like sex. I like girls. I like photography. I never approach models sexually tho if that’s the undertone of the message. or girls in general. generally…

Please tell us there are more pregnant Errin pictures. Or better yet, show us. If that's kosher.
- Anonymous

no more sorry!

will you ever do pics of full fucking? thatd be cool
- Anonymous

I would yes.

#fbf with @kalika.reborn & the jabs & that mouth.

#tbt to that day last week when we caught all the waves & drowning tourists. 🏄💀